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Murano - 37 Grosvenor 38 Grenville - Downtown Condos


The internationally known architect Peter Clewes inspired Murano; a highly desired residence among Toronto's condos. A small island near Venice, Italy is where the name Murano is derived, and it's known for its gorgeous Venetian glass.

That personality has been captured and is displayed in the twin crystal glass towers that make up Murano. The same theme has been designed in the lobby with its unique Venetian glass and Italian furniture collection. Custom mosaics and a porcelain tiled pool sits brilliantly under a retractable glass roof for the sheer beauty of it all.

The suites feature Italian Scalvolini kitchens with contemporary designs in the glass cabinets, and range from a large 1162 sq. ft. to a cozy 425 sq. ft. An expansive fitness room, fitness track, guest suites, outdoor landscaped garden, and double opening lobby fireplace are all reasons to take up residence here.