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We exist solely to make you a happy camper while taking care of your property search and/or condo analysis. 

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Where do you want to wake up?

When we help you find a Toronto condo, we start with a deceptively simple question: “Where do you want to wake up in the morning?” A Toronto condo is about so much more than the number of bedrooms or the price or the commute to work. Our goal is to zoom in on what you really want in a Toronto condo, and then use our knowledge and skills to find just that place. After all, don’t you want a condo where you can love where you love?

The Armstrong Concept

We take our relationships seriously. In today’s world of ‘instant connections’, we know that it’s still those people that know us best that matter the most. Our philosophy is that the better we know you as a person and what is important to you, the better suited we are to find you that perfect place to live.

We like to begin all our buyer relationships with a one-on-one chat. This way, we get to meet you, learn about what you are looking for, and you are given the opportunity to see if what we offer fits your needs. After this initial meeting, the search begins and you are one step closer to your perfect Toronto condo.

What We Offer

In this fast paced Toronto condo market, you need to see the property the day it hits the market. You need all the details instantly or you risk losing out on what could have been a perfect place for you.

We won’t just stick you on a mailing list and hope that you might find something to your liking. We spend our days watching and waiting for the perfect Toronto condo/loft to come up that suits just your needs. Then we contact you right away!

Still undecided? Check out our Why Hire Us? page. We also have a resource page for first time home-buyers!