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We exist solely to make you a happy camper while taking care of your property search and/or condo analysis. 

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Buy a House, Help a Villiage

Buy or Sell a Toronto Condo with us, and we will donate a portion of the commission to Charity Water and Unicef

We've had it pretty good in life. And we don't want to sit by and just do nothing, so we picked one cause I think everyone can agree on.

We’re working to give people clean drinking water.

One in six people on the planet don’t have access to safe, clean drinking water. Many people in the developing world, usually women and children, walk more than three hours every day to fetch water that is likely to make them sick.

Unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation causes 80% of all sickness and disease, and kills more people every year than all forms of violence, including war.

There's a lot of need in the world. We’re starting here. Contact us if you would like to learn more.