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King/Queen East Neighbourhood Info

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Originally, it was believed that in the 1800s, Corktown was occupied by Irish settlers from Cork County who worked in the local breweries and brickworks. Today, Corktown is known as a narrow strip running approximately from Queen Street East to Front Street on the south and from the Don River to Jarvis Street on the east.

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This was a part of the downtown that most would-be residents paid little attention to. However, as with most of the older parts of Toronto, Corktown is making big changes, bringing it into modern day living. New interest in the older Victorian homes and a demographic swing from blue collar to white collar workers is definitely changing the neighborhood.

Young professionals are now finding their way into this community as zoning bylaws have encouraged former commercial buildings to convert to condo lofts, professional offices, and work studios with live-in capabilities. Consequently, the entire neighborhood is being rejuvenated.

However, the transformation isn’t stopping there. To the southeast, the Distillery District is quickly becoming revitalized with the Gooderham and Worts Distillery lofts and condos of the Queen and King East area.

An even larger project is in the works as Regent Park to the north helps to reintegrate this real estate with Toronto by rebuilding the local community.
Then too, the banks of Don River are being made over to become an entirely new community with thousands of new residents through the enormous project by West Don Development.

With all the renewal and major activity, the value of Corktown homes, condos, and lofts is expected to substantially increase as will the popularity of this very innovative and attractive area.