Pre-Construction Condos

Let us help you with your next pre-construction condo purchase!

In any real estate transaction, it’s important that you’re as well represented as the party on the other side of the deal. Many people don’t understand how much help a Realtor® can be when they’re buying a newly built Toronto Condo – but the same skills and knowledge that help you get the best deal from a private seller apply to developers.

 A new-built home may have a “set price,” but that number is just part of the overall deal – it’s still a negotiation. There are many points along the way where having a professional will help you get exactly what you want. And when it comes time to sign that mountain of papers, a seasoned professional’s knowledge of everything from upgrades to local laws is invaluable.

 I can also help you make sure you’re buying in the best place...

As a Realtor® we often have information about new or planned developments, and can provide an objective angle on your decision about where to live. And remember, it’s the same in new construction as any other home purchase: The seller pays your agent’s fee!

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