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Bloor/Annex Neighbourhood Info


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In the early 1850s, the Bloor Annex was subdivided and advertised as being located in the healthiest and most pleasant part of the city of Toronto, well elevated above the Lake and located close to the new Parliament Buildings. Today, those Annex real estate ads would speak of its close proximity to the very center of everything Toronto has to offer.

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South from Dupont to Bloor Streets and west from Avenue Rd. to Bathurst, The Annex is a bright and lively neighborhood energized by the campus of the University of Toronto.

The University was actually the catalyst which boosted the fabulous Edwardian and Victorian homes’ construction from the 1880s to the early 1900s. From that time, students, faculty, and alumni have chosen The Annex as their traditional homes. Included in the diversified array of residents to the area are young urban professionals who have appreciated and renovated these historic homes.

Nearer to Bloor, many of these amazing mansions are now offices and fraternity houses, but when these buildings come on the market, they’re availability is very short-lived before their conversion and renewal to single family homes.

The prime location of the Annex’s century old homes, and newer condos and lofts, are partly responsible for the $1 million or more cost of most of the properties. Generally, these established homes have from four to six bedrooms with some having frontage which increases the price even more such as on the side streets between Avenue Rd. and Bedford.

Seaton Village, between Christie and Bathurst, is currently the only lower price real estate exception to the Annex neighborhood with Vermont Square Park and Palmerston Public School both being seen by younger families as distinct highlights. However, even a three-bedroom semi without parking is still more than $500,000 and the value and prices continue to go up.

Toronto’s Annex area is highly sought after with an active cultural lifestyle, exceptional dining, diversified shopping within uptown, midtown, and downtown centres, and a busy, well-served public transportation system giving easy access to it all. The Annex is most definitely a thriving investment among Toronto’s real estate elite.